Custom Fabrications

Are you looking for a specific part or component for your industrial manufacturing needs? Are you finding it a challenge to actually find something that fits your current system or specifications? Then it is time to consider custom fabrications from Airecon Manufacturing Corporation.

Our team of fabrication specialists is ready to create the specific parts you need—from custom hoppers to custom industrial tanks. You just let us know what you are looking for, and we will get right to work creating something that fully meets your specifications. Contact us today to start discussing the different custom fabrication options available to you.

Bringing Your Ideas to Life

Not all manufacturing systems are the same, which can make it a challenge to find the exact parts you need when you are looking through only pre-fabricated components. Luckily, the skilled fabricators at our company are more than happy to deliver custom creations made just for your system. Just some of the different types of components we can custom make for you include:

  • Custom Hoppers
Stainless Hopper


Hopper 2


Hopper 1
  • Custom Receivers
Product Receiver


Receiver 1


  • Custom Industrial Tanks
Classifying Tank



  • Various
Various Custom Fabrication
Various 2
Various 7


Various 3
Various 4


Various 5
Various 6